Our Year 2 Graduation

Congratulations to our class who have finished KS1 and are getting ready to move to the juniors in September. You have all done so well and we cant believe how grown up you are. We will miss you! 

In our graduation ceremony, everybody came up and received a special graduation certificate whilst wearing a graduation cap (the teachers even had a go!) 


We were really lucky this morning when Mr Cooper came to teach us all about coding using the ‘Scratch’ and ‘Code’ websites. Coding is when you tell the computer what to do. These websites teach children the principles of coding in a really fun, engaging way! Please have a go at them at home:



Land Ahoy! Memorable Experience Day

We have had a fantastic day for our Land Ahoy! Memorable Experience. Check out our scary pirate costumes!:

We had a really interesting an exciting pirate workshop with Captain Rocky Cliff. We learnt all about Pirates, walked the plank, played traditional pirate games and went on a treasure hunt!

At the end of the workshop, we had a go at having our photo taken in the funny photo prop!

We had such a fun day ‘n loved learnin’ all about pirates. We can nah wait t’ find out more about pirates o’er th’ next few weeks!

Super snails!

In independence time this week, we are making our very own snail friends as our topic challenge. The children roll up paper to make a snail, then stick it onto a leaf that they have made. I think they look fantastic (and the children do too!)

Our Minibeast Memorable Experience

We had an amazing time exploring minibeasts with Tim this morning as part of our memorable experience for “Wriggle and Crawl”! He showed us cockroaches, Giant African millipedes, a Bumblebee millipede, a Giant African land snail, stick insects, tarantula fangs, a Chile Rose tarantula and baby caterpillars. We all had the opportunity to either hold or stroke each minibeast – well done to everyone for being brave when they felt a bit nervous! We learnt some really interesting facts that we didn’t know before and this has really helped us with our topic learning.